Create Capacity

Delegate high-volume, repetitive bookkeeping, pre-compliance and payroll tasks to a digital robot, solve your capacity problems, spend more time with your clients, and seize the full business potential of your organisation

Build your digital workforce.

Get back time to focus on what matters!

Sinnergy uses hyperautomation technology to deliver an augmented workforce solution for accounting, bookkeeping and payroll services companies.


We build robot assistants to handle manual, repetitive bookkeeping, pre-compliance and payroll tasks so you can repurpose your employees’ time to better uses.

Cost Savings 

Realise tremendous savings and scalability with hyperautomation instead of manual data entry. We offer pricing packages that assure a return on investment in less than 6 months.

Designed to Delight

Lots of information and data to validate and process? Your robot assistant doesn’t mind. It will complete those boring manual data entry tasks that people hate to do (and shouldn't have to do). 

Improved Accuracy

Your robot assistant will complete your data tasks in a logical, consistent manner. Reduce human error and see an improvement in your data accuracy. 

Improve Productivity

Your robot assistants can perform manual tasks in a fraction of the time it takes a person to complete.  They work around the clock, providing data for your team to action.

6 Reasons Why You Should Deploy A Robot Assistant

  • ​Do more work without hiring more staff

    Your robot assistant decreases the amount of high-volume, repetitive work your human workforce has to do. Because of this, your firm can handle increased demand without adding headcount.


  • Start small and work your way up over time

    You don't have to commit to automating every single bookkeeping process in your firm from the start. You can automate a single process, and once you realise the benefits of this kind of automation, you can continue to automate one process after the other.

  • Rapid return on your automation investment

    On the low end, companies are reporting first year Return on Investments of 30%; and on the high end these ROIs can be up to triple digits and save thousands of pounds a year.

  • Increased customer  satisfaction

    Properly programmed robots don't make mistakes. And since your robot assistant can work many times faster than a person, you will be able to deliver your service in less time. Even better? Your clients get more of what they need most—advisory services and quality time with you!

  • Measurable benefits + 100% compliance

    Every action your robot assistant does is logged and tracked enabling us to seamlessly report on the work she completes and determine whether we are achieving agreed KPIs.


  • Almost endless automation possibilities

    Your robot assistant can use all of the business applications your firm has uses - whether it is Xero, Quickbooks, FreeAgent, Moneysoft or BrightPay, running on a browser, or it is a legacy system that has been around since the 90's.


  • is the first of its kind as a partner in the accounting space. As a force multiplier in your firm, we're here to help you scale by adding more revenue to your business, without adding the headcount normally required to support it. Say goodbye to bookkeeping and payroll inefficiencies and hello to scaling your practice.

With a robot assistant, you're able to take on more bookkeeping and payroll work without hiring or training a full-time bookkeeper. The robot bookkeeper offers:

  • Invoice processing

  • On-demand P&L, balance sheet, cash flow statements

  • Bank reconciliations

  • Payroll processing & journal entries

  • And so much more!


Technology has significantly changed the accounting industry, allowing accountants and bookkeepers to refocus their resources from traditional bookkeeping and maintenance work to higher-level advisory and analysis of business data. Ultimately, increasing the value provided to clients.




Utilise artificial intelligence and robotic process automation to automate time-consuming repetitive payroll and bookkeeping tasks.  Our hyperautomation-powered robots will be hard at work processing payroll, reconciling accounts, and generating beautiful reports – so you and your team will have more time for what matters most to your clients, and ultimately your business. Our bots work their magic so you and your team can be more human.


Are you ready to transform your firm?


Working with a robot assistant means you get all of the perks of having an experienced data entry staff — but at a far lower cost. You also get to avoid the headaches of finding, training, and overseeing another employee. Your robot assistant will take care of the repetitive, rule-based tasks and ensure you are no longer bogged down by manual data entry or labour-intensive bookkeeping, pre-compliance and payroll processing work. 

Here's what our clients are saying...

  • Nirmolak Singh, Partner at AACSL Accountants

    “Our experience working with Sinnergy has been excellent, and the Bot-as-a-Service has produced an outcome that far exceeded our expectations. The task that we have now digitised thanks to Sinnergy, will allow us to redeploy nearly one entire full-time position to more meaningful work. We have greatly improved turnaround time on an extremely repetitive high-volume task, and we’re not asking a human to complete work that is frankly quite boring, and therefore hard to staff. We couldn’t be happier with the process or the outcome of our work with Sinnergy.”

  • Lucie Howard, Director at Leo Bookkeeping Services

    Partnering with Sinnergy for their Bot-as-a-Service solution has had an immediate impact on our productivity and capacity, helping us save not only money, but time. The software robot has quickly become a must-have in our business. I’ve been impressed by the way the bot has been able to handle different tasks and look forward to assigning more tasks and more clients to our digital workmate. I would highly recommend for any practice owner who has team members spending 20+ minutes on data entry tasks to try one of these robot assistants.”

  • Faisal Chaudhary, MD at Base Practice Support

    "I’ve been amazed at the ability of the software robot to run our RTI FPS process while my staff completes other higher-value tasks. Not only has it reduced our manual processing time by 90%, it has also allowed us to focus on the bigger picture than focus on the minutiae of a repetitive process. One of the key reasons I chose Sinnergy was their speed of deployment, their flexible pricing and their expertise in this space. I’m very pleased thus far and will be assigning more repetitive processes to the bot in the future."

  • Paul Layte, Director at Next Level Business

    “Working with Sinnergy has helped us automate one of our key business processes – bank reconciliation. They've produced ROI and unlocked more time from our existing employees. Their Rent-a-Robot model is a great solution with a solid team behind it and I would recommend Sinnergy to any accounting practice looking to automate manual and/or time-consuming processes within their business. We are currently discussing further opportunities to work together.”


60-Day Trial


  • We'll help you capture all your payroll and bookkeeping processes

  • We'll design, build and schedule your robot to run the processes

  • Watch your robot assistant increase your firm's productivity

  • Focus on getting more business, without worrying about your capacity

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Satisfaction Guarantee

The easiest and quickest way to know if you'll benefit from hyperautomation is by putting a robot assistant to the test, which is why we offer a FREE 60-day trial for qualified businesses.


Simply sign up, we'll train a robot assistant to perform your most tedious, high-volume, rule-based bookkeeping or payroll task, and you'll start seeing a reduction in manual processing times within a month. There's absolutely no downside to you, only upside!


How is this technology deployed?

Your Robot Assistant is deployed on the computer where it will be working and connects to your systems through the cloud, so no changes are required to your existing systems.

What kind of work can a Robot Assistant do?

How much does it cost?

Why do I need a Robot Assistant?

Your Robot Assistant can work around the clock, execute processes with speed and accuracy and result in great benefits such as cost savings as you grow and increased efficiency and increased capacity. The consequential benefits of an augmented workforce include increased business growth, ease of compliance and increased customer satisfaction much more enabled by the time freed up from performing mundane manual tasks. All this, and happier, more productive employees!

What about security?

What is different about Sinnergy’s proposition?

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Sinnergy is a tech company based in the UK that is combining robotic process automation, artificial intelligence and machine learning to deliver the first 'as-a-service' robot assistant for small accounting, bookkeeping and payroll services companies, enabling them to grow their business operations without adding headcount or outsourcing to lower-cost countries.