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Designed to Delight

Improved Accuracy

Improve Productivity

  • ​Do more work without hiring more staff

  • Start small and work your way up over time

    You don't have to commit to automating every single bookkeeping process in your firm from the start. You can automate a single process, and once you realise the benefits of this kind of automation, you can continue to automate one process after the other.

  • Rapid return on your automation investment

  • Increased customer  satisfaction

  • Measurable benefits + 100% compliance

  • Almost endless automation possibilities


Here's what our clients are saying...

  • Nirmolak Singh, Partner at AACSL Accountants

    “Our experience working with Sinnergy has been excellent, and the Bot-as-a-Service has produced an outcome that far exceeded our expectations. The task that we have now digitised thanks to Sinnergy, will allow us to redeploy nearly one entire full-time position to more meaningful work. We have greatly improved turnaround time on an extremely repetitive high-volume task, and we’re not asking a human to complete work that is frankly quite boring, and therefore hard to staff. We couldn’t be happier with the process or the outcome of our work with Sinnergy.”

  • Lucie Howard, Director at Leo Bookkeeping Services

    Partnering with Sinnergy for their Bot-as-a-Service solution has had an immediate impact on our productivity and capacity, helping us save not only money, but time. The software robot has quickly become a must-have in our business. I’ve been impressed by the way the bot has been able to handle different tasks and look forward to assigning more tasks and more clients to our digital workmate. I would highly recommend for any practice owner who has team members spending 20+ minutes on data entry tasks to try one of these robot assistants.”

  • Faisal Chaudhary, MD at Base Practice Support

    "I’ve been amazed at the ability of the software robot to run our RTI FPS process while my staff completes other higher-value tasks. Not only has it reduced our manual processing time by 90%, it has also allowed us to focus on the bigger picture than focus on the minutiae of a repetitive process. One of the key reasons I chose Sinnergy was their speed of deployment, their flexible pricing and their expertise in this space. I’m very pleased thus far and will be assigning more repetitive processes to the bot in the future."

  • Paul Layte, Director at Next Level Business

    “Working with Sinnergy has helped us automate one of our key business processes – bank reconciliation. They've produced ROI and unlocked more time from our existing employees. Their Rent-a-Robot model is a great solution with a solid team behind it and I would recommend Sinnergy to any accounting practice looking to automate manual and/or time-consuming processes within their business. We are currently discussing further opportunities to work together.”


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